Day Trip

Price: $30 (30,000 KRW)

1Night 2Days

Price: $120 (130,000 KRW)

Foreign Independent Tour

Trip 1  (1Night 2Days) 

Time Travel to Jeonbuk 

Where tradition is alive and you can enjoy rest and recreation. Samnye culture and art experience | Hanji experience | Jeonju night market | Try hanbok in Jeonju hanok village

Trip 2  (1Night 2Days)

K-Healing Trip with Nature (Namwon, Imsil)

Experience and spot with color of each course.
Ham Pau Sound Experience | Gwanghanlu | Cheese Experience

Trip 3  (1Night 2Days)

Exciting Yeosu Marine Tour

See Yeosu sea attraction on one course.
Night view of Yeosu Sea while riding a marine cable car | Marine food experience

Trip 4  (1Night 2Days)

1,000 Years of History in One Night, Gyeongju Tasting Road

Feeling the Beauty of Korea in Gyeong-Ju : The thousand-year-old city. YakSeon(藥膳) – GuJinMi (九珍味) [Royal Cuisine]  | Gyeong-ju Ddeok-galbi(Grilled Beef patties) | Gyo-chon Village

Trip 5  (1Night 2Days)

The Korean Spirits(Muju) & SPA Trip to JinAn

Special Memories with Entertainers : JTBC’s Talk Vatiery show ‘Non-Summit, G11’, ‘Welcome to Korea/First time visiting’ (※ over 40 people)

Premium CITY TOURS  

Jeju (2N3D)

Fantastic Light Art in Jeju

JEJU Light Art Festa (JEJU LAF) featuring works of art based on light. Light as a medium is mysterious, fantastic, awe, and sometimes stimulating our imagination, because of the infinite brightness and color that the form gives us.

Jeonbuk Gunsan / Jeonju / Gochang (1N2D)

A Colorfully Diverse Food & Experience Trip in Jeollabuk-do with Entertainers

Chochung is a traditional grain syrup with the wisdom of ancestors. Gochujang (Red Chili Paste) is a key ingredient in Jeonju bibimbap, serving as a commanding director of other ingredients.

Gyeongju (1N2D)

Enjoy Korean Traditional Culture & Fabulous Food, Fall in Love with Gyeongju

Gyeongju Yangdong Village is Korea’s largest traditional village, showcasing the traditional culture of the Joseon Dynasty and the beautiful natural surroundings.

Inje (1N2D)

Amazing Leiports (Leisure Sport) Trip in Inje

Inje Speedium is now creating a new history of Korean extreme leisure sports, where you can breathe with nature, communicate with nature, unite with nature, and strengthen your mind and body in the global natural environment.

Healience (1N2D)

My own Healing Trip – Far away from the City

‘Healience’ is a compound word with ‘Healing’ and ‘Science’,which can help you get the right way of eating habits, exercise habits, mind habits, and life rhythm habits for well-aging in nature.

Jeonju (1N2D)

City of Hallyu Culture, Time Travel to Jeonju

Jeolla-bukdo Shuttle Bus operates every Friday, Saturday, Sunday (3times one week) which is exclusive for foreigners. Not only you can enjoy the special attractions and local food of Jeonju with an reasonable price, but you can also get a Jeonbuk Travel Card for free.