Gyeongju Tasting Road (1Night 2Days)

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Travel Highlights

Historic Gyeong-Ju: Feeling the Beauty of Korea in Gyeong-Ju : The thousand-year-old city

Tour Bus & Guide: Premium Limousine Bus  |  English Guide

Enjoy Local Food: YakSeon(藥膳) – GuJinMi (九珍味) [Royal Cuisine]  | Gyeong-ju Ddeok-galbi (Grilled Beef patties)  |  Gyo-chon Village

Special Events: Cooking class with a master chef  | “Han-Ok” (House) : Visiting Korean traditional  Village  | Enjoy a culture and Hitory of ”Shilla”: A thousand-year-old-city

Accommodation(1 Room using by 2 P/Double), Limousine Bus, 4 Meals(Breakfast-1, Lunch-2, Dinner-1), Tickets for Tour spots,Experience Program, English Guide
Charge for using Single Room, Extra meals, Personal Expenses

Trip Schedule

Day 1

8:00 am  Meeting at Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) - 
                   Tourist Information Center

8:30 am  
Starting to move to Gyeong-ju

[Lunch] “Ttdeokgal-bi”(Grilled Beef Patties) : Famous food in Geong-ju

◆ Seokgulam
The best art sculpture(Buddah) in the world : Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage
(Photo Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

◆ Bulguksa
The most beautiful temple in Korea, located in Gyeong-ju: the capital city with a history of one-thousand-year-old. A city of different attraction in every four seasons.
(Photo Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

◆ Cooking class with a master chef
YakSeon(藥膳) – Shilla GuJinMi(九珍味) : Experience of Royal Cuisine
(6 Doo-Poom)

Feel and taste of Shilla , the place where Korean history and culture that have continued the thousand-year of city are gathering in one place.

[Dinner] GuJinMi : Korean Beef + Buffet

Hotel Check-In

CheomSeongDae / Night Sightseeing (Free time)
Which was built(Stone Structure) during the reign of Queen “Seondeok” of Silla, is the oldest and the only astronomical observatory in the East Asia.
Enjoy watching the cultural assets that show the high level of science at that time.
(Photo Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

[Hotel] “Hwangnam-gwan” hotel  (Optional)   ※ It may change in actual operation.

(Photo Source: Hwangnam-gwan hotel Homepage)

[Hotel] “Hwarang-Maeul”  (Optional)   ※ It may change in actual operation

(Photo Source: Hwarang-Maeul Homepage)

Day 2

[Breakfast] Hotel

Gyo-chon “Han-Ok” Village ( Free time – 2 hours)
Just feel the beauty of Korea traditional house.
(Photo Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

[Lunch] “Myeong-ga” in Gyo-chon Village : Myeong-ga Bibimbap (Muk :Jellied food with vegetables, pan-fried with Korean leek)

◆ “Jusangjeol-ri”: Sea Wave Sound Roads
Enjoy the beautiful and spectacular scenery along the “Jusangjeol-ri” : Wave Sound Roads, where you can feel the wonders of nature.
(Photo Source: Korea Tourism Organization) 

Moving to Seoul

※ The above schedule is subject to change according to local circumstances.