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global hospitality

Where tradition is alive and you can enjoy rest and recreation. Samnye culture and art experience | Hanji experience | Jeonju night market | Try hanbok in Jeonju hanok village

Experience and spot with color of each course.
Ham Pau Sound Experience | Gwanghanlu | Cheese Experience

See Yeosu sea attraction on one course.
Night view of Yeosu Sea while riding a marine cable car | Marine food experience

Feeling the Beauty of Korea in Gyeong-Ju : The thousand-year-old city. YakSeon(藥膳) – GuJinMi (九珍味) [Royal Cuisine]  | Gyeong-ju Ddeok-galbi(Grilled Beef patties) | Gyo-chon Village

Special Memories with Entertainers : JTBC’s Talk Vatiery show ‘Non-Summit, G11’, ‘Welcome to Korea/First time visiting’ (※ over 40 people)

Korean Culture